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CableFi empowers your team with insights and data they've never had before. Track the status of any device, cable or location. with custom states, you have fine grain control on how you report the completion of your project. States keep everyone on the same page and there is never any question on what needs to be done.
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Core Features


Interactive Blue Prints

CableFi has a built in As-built creator, add cable numbers access points and cable distribution locations with ease. All prints and modifications are available to everyone keeping everyone on the same page. cable numbers are color coded based on states. you will know exactly where your project is with just a glance at your prints.

Scheduling Calendar

Schedule your projects and allocate your technicians. Know what jobs are in progress and what needs to be allocated. With an easy color coded view you can see what projects are active, all the way to whats being bid on.

Technician Assignments

Schedule your projects and allocate your technicians. Know what jobs are in progress and what needs to be allocated. Once you add techs to a project, you can send them an SMS message notifying they have a new project. they can accept or decline the job keeping your PM's ontop of your workforce.

Testing Work Flow

We figured out how to always keep your your tester moving. With CableFi, you can keep track of whats test. assign a tech to make repairs. when your test crew marls a cable fail, your repair tech gets a message automatically of what cable and why it failed. Once the repair is made, your testing crew gets notified that its ready to retest.

Route Scheduling

Do you have multi site roll-outs? With CableFi you can create routes between your sites, schedule dates, times and need technicians with travel time and distance automatically calculated.

Task Managment

With CableFi you can schedule tasks from on-site and even at your office desk. Techs are notified via SMS message with a description of the task and they can mark it complete with a simple text.
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Project & Task Managment

Planning, tracking and delivering your team's bestwork has never been easier
  • Track anything the way you want
  • Digitize and improve your process
  • Clean & Minimal Interface
  • Create technician tasks from your office
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Schedule your Technicians

Schedule your projects and allocate your technicians. Know what jobs are in progress and what needs to be allocated.

Schedule technicians to projects and send them an SMS to confirm and accept the project

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What our customers have to say

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“CableFi is great because you can capture and control all your data all in one spot. I bet you it has probably saved us 2-3 QA/QC people on our project, in all honesty.”
James Boone
CEO, JCV Communications.
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“I absolutely recommend CableFi. The reporting is strong, the task system is helping us out each day, and we can keep up-to-date plans with us at all times. It’s a worthwhile investment.”
Nick D.
Program Manager, National Installation Company

Customer Management

CableFi Has a built-in CRM for managing all of your customers details.

Manage contact info, Rates, Files, and see the overall customer lifetime value.
Your Project managers and sales team is going to love having everything they
need in one place.

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Project Check-Ins

How do you know if your technicians are on-site?

With CableFi you can see when and where your techs clocked-in.
Setup alerts to know when a check-in has been missed. Get ahead of issues before customers start calling.

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Build Projects at any scale

Whether its 20 cables or 2000, CableFi will help keep your project on schedule

Rivers Casino

Rivers Casino | Virginia Beach, VA

CableFi was instrumental in keeping structured cabling crews on track, reduce excess waste and man/hrs. Our contractors were able to deliver on time with a successful opening day.

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Tech Service Today| Surf City, NC

Being able to schedule and manage onsite work helped us get in and out before our scheduled turnover date.

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Hwy 55

ASD | Shallot, NC

CableFi allowed us to do a complete low voltage build out with one technician with a high degree of quality assurance with every aspect of the installation captured with CableFi's photo capturing abilities.

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Built for the field

Jobsite management software for structured cabling

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