About CableFi

CableFi was Built by industry professionals that have owned and run structured cabling companies.
Every feature has a purpose and has been fine tuned day in and day out by real crews,

Our Vision

CableFi's vision is to digitize the management process of structured cabling to make cabling companies more profitable and achieve a higher quality of work.
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We are digitizing the entire workflow of structured cabling project management, From job management and control, automated reporting to daily productivity insights.
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The key to great margins is standardized processes and efficiency tracking. CableFi is designed to standardize you projects and increase your efficency from the field to the office.
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Team Work
CableFi can help your team know what, when, where and how before they even hit the project site. We are building tools to keep everyone on a project up to date with what is happening and allowing teams to work better together.

Our Culture

We have a prioritize and Execute philosophy, if you know what needs to be done, then just do it!
  • First principles, are key in innovating, Just because we've always done it one way, doesn't me there isn't a better way.
  • Innovative engineering, Our interface is designed to have high adoption with limited user training.
  • Value Creation, If it doesn't provide value to our customers, then we don't do it.
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Meet our team

Our mission is to be the world’s most trusted field management solution for Structured Cabling
teams on projects of any scale.
John Doe
Scott Sitzer
Founder & CEO
Caleb Mueller
Director of Business Development
Wade Warren
Wade Warren
Chief Operating Officer
Kristin Watson
Head of Design
Ronald Richards
Marketing Manager
Danny Russel
Danny Russell
Human Resource Manager

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